Private tuition in Latin, classical Greek, Russian, or English as a foreign language is offered at all levels from beginners' to supplementary coaching for undergraduates. The tuition is tailored to suit your own requirements - whether you are working towards a qualification or for personal interest. You can focus on developing your language skills or on reading literature in its original language, or on a combination of both. In the case of English, conversation can also be practised.

Please note however that this service is normally available only to those living within daily travelling distance of Edinburgh in the UK.

Current (2019) rates for Latin tuition start at 109 per tutoring hour (beginners' level), rising by increments to 149 (advanced level). Current (2019) charges for classical Greek tuition range from 129 per tutoring hour (beginners' level) to 169 (advanced level). These charges are intended to cover time spent in preparing individually tailored courses. The actual rate may also be determined by whether the student is working towards a qualification and by ability to pay.

Charges for Russian tuition are slightly lower than the figures quoted above for Greek, while rates for EFL tuition are slightly lower than the figures quoted above for Latin. Again, the actual amounts are determined by level, target qualification and ability to pay.

This tuition service has operated since the 1980s, providing language coaching for a wide range of customers, from Classics undergraduates and other postgraduates to school pupils preparing for A-levels for Oxbridge entrance, from complete beginners of all ages from 12 upwards (although most are adults) to young adults or retired people pursuing their cultural interests at an advanced level. All of them have been satisfied with the service received - gaining admission to Oxbridge, or pursuing their interests for a period of years at a time.

Please direct enquiries to Deborah Adlam on 0131-667 6048 (24-hour answering service), leaving your request with your name and telephone number and you will be contacted as soon as possible, usually within two working days.

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Translation from classical Greek, Russian or French into English is offered on the same basis as translation from Latin into English. However, the costs for modern languages, particularly French, are somewhat lower than for classical languages. See Costs and payment procedures.

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