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Deborah Adlam
Deborah Adlam,
Latin translator

This Latin Translation Service first operated in 1987 and is run by Deborah Adlam, who is a well-qualified MA Honours Classics graduate of Edinburgh University, a member of Oxford University and an experienced translator of Latin documents.

The business prides itself on providing highly accurate translations into English of Latin texts of all kinds and dates, from the classical period through medieval times to the present day. Most customers request material dating from between 1500 and 1800, when Latin was widely used across Europe, including Britain, as the language of official business and scholarship. Writings on science and theology were in Latin, as were important legal documents.

Our Latin translations are requested mainly by academic researchers, writers on historical subjects, solicitors and their clients dealing with land transactions, landowners, politicians, local historians and people who want to research their family history. Also, anyone involved in medical science, botany, zoology, geology, astronomy, archaeology or other subjects using a Latin and Greek-based vocabulary can request assistance with the meanings and construction of scientific terms.

Enquiries from new customers are always welcome. If you belong to any of the above groups or have an interest in pre-20th century Britain, then this business has a lot to offer you. It has years of experience of meeting your type of need, and can provide you with a personal service tailored to your requirements. You will be able to consult with the translator both initially and during the project, regarding cost, timescale, and extras such as explanatory footnotes, glossaries of specialist words to aid understanding, or a translator's certificate of authenticity.

The business also incorporates a private tuition service in Latin and classical Greek which has operated successfully since the 1980s.